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Airtel 4G Girl Sasha Chettri Trending now, Roaring in Television Ads, Hoardings in City Areas Spreading all Over Cites Covers With Big Flex. Here provided Full Information About Sasha Chettri, Now She is Popular Star In TV. Popular With Internet, Check Your Mobile 4G Speed. Let’s Try Airtel. This is Sasha Chettri Words on Advertisements. She got Huge Following on the internet her first debut TV advertisement For Airtel Telecom Services. long and curly hairy Sasha Chettri Pretty Awesome. Looking Damn Cool in Television Advertisements.

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Sasha Chettri Wiki Biography, Profile Full Information Online Her Hair Style Trendy now Fashions houses, young female Model Sasha Chettri Has Bigger Beautiful Future Now Star in Television World. Here Provided Sasha Chettri personal Life, Sasha Chettri Unseen Images Leaked Selfie Pics Videos Online Sasha Chettri is the attractive girl. Has Good Screen presence, Amazing Responses For Airtel 4G Girl. Advertisement with Beauty, Lets Check Airtel 4G Speed. Internet Free Offers Provides For Customers, And Invites To Airtel Telecom Networks.

Sasha Chettri is the cute model Her Smile Wins Lots Of Fans Hearts with In Short of Time. Provides Airtel 4G Services. She Started Carrer in age of 19 years, Her Home Town Belonged To Bhopal City, Completed Studies in All Saints’s Academy. Many product attractive Check wiki information of Sasha Chettri Biography, Profile Information Full Name, Real Name, Age, Date Of Birth Information Provided Here Sasha who stole all the limelight Focused Lighted With Airtel Services. She Performed More than 12 Advertisements For Airtel 4G. She is basically from Dehradun. Transfer To Delhi City For Professional Work. Received Degree From Xavier’s Institute of Communications (XIC) Mumbai

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Full Name: Sasha Chetri
Real name: Sasha Chettri
Age: 19 Years
Date Of Birth: 06-05-1996
Education Qualification : Degree Studying
College Name: Xavier’s Institute of Communications
Place Of College: Mumbai
Status: Unmarried
Boyfriend: Gossips,Buzz Is No One Is There, Single Material Status
Place Of Birth: Bhopal
Living Place: Delhi

Twitter :
Occupation: Model, Actress, Dancer
Height: 5’6 inches
Weight : 52 Kgs
Nationality: Indian
Facebook id Account : Sasha Chettri
Facebook Official Page : Sasha Chettri ( Verified Account With Blue Trick)

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