Lost Passport Damaged Apply New Online How To Get in India

Damaged passport Lost

Lost Passport Damaged Apply New Online How To Get in India Lost Passport Damaged missing Cases Many People Facing Problem Candidates passport Lost Damaged in India. Here provided best Way To get New Passport IF Passport Damaged Lost Missing You Need To Give Declaration If you Lost Passport “I owe allegiance to the sovereignty, unity & integrity of India and have not voluntarily acquired the citizenship or travel document of another country. I have not lost, surrendered or been deprived of
citizenship of India. And You Need To Provide all Original Certificates and Documents which are Submitted while Fresh Registration for Passport Application.

Lost Passport Damaged Apply Online For New In India

Lost Passport Damaged Attached Files and Required Documents are Mentioned In Application form. Information Gives By Candidate only and he is Only responsible for Any type of Actions. Those Rules and Regulations Conditions Under Passport Act 1967, First made rules For satisfy Their Customers. If You Submit any Wrong/Mislead False Information You only Responsible and Material Case actions. And Applicant Signature Matched with previous Records Documents. As Well Candidates parents Or Guardians Also Need To Submit Their Proofs with Declaration Forms. both the Parents/Guardian Must Signed in Application Form.

Passport Cost Mode of payment Online, Offline Available 500 Need To Pay Student Based Accounts for regular Basic candidates have To Pay 1500 – 5000 Rupees For Getting Duplicate Lost/Damaged Passport ordinary international passport Fresh / After 10 years (final) Amount for First lost/damage Candidate need To Pay 5000 and For second Time Lost/Damage For 15000. If Applicable For Only Stolen, Lost or Damaged Passport Cases. Tampering cases Amount Changes ny passport lost or stolen should be immediately reported to a Police Station in the area it was lost / stolen

Required Documents For Applying Duplicate Lost Passport Damaged

Declaration of Lost / Stolen Certificate
Emergency Certificate
Address Proof (Permanent Address/ temporary Address)
Any government Issued Proof (ration Card, Aadhar Card, Health Card) Must Issued By National Government.
Date Of Birth Certificate
Affidavit stating how and where the passport got lost/damaged
Present Passport/ nationality identity card
Passport No, Date of Issue Scanned Copy Self-attested photocopy of first two and last two pages If Available
Latest Colour photograph Unsigned.

Lost Passport Damaged

Procedure to apply for duplicate Passport lost damaged Cases

Lost Passport Damaged Most of the people have their passport damaged in India Due To many Reason. And Faced Many Problems to Apply Again. Damaged Passport Minimum Shows Passport number, Bar Code Unique Number name is legible and photo is intact in First Page. If you haven’t found the information you’re looking for damaged Passports Application form Online Here Provided Best Step Just Follow Carefully Passport Reissue Tracking Status For Lost Damaged passport Missing

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