Shahrukh Khan Donated 1 Crores For Chennai SRK News

Shah Rukh Khan donates 1 crore for chennai

Shahrukh Khan Donated 1 Crores For Chennai Badshah and king of millions of hearts. real human being Shah Rukh Khan is the only Indian to receive a an award from UNESCO for his charity work Shah Rukh Khan Donated 1 Crore Rupees To Chennai floods areas Victims Peoples. Donate contribution to the Chief Minister. Public Relief Fund. To The Hon. Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Chennai Contributed By Red Chills Entertainment.

Shahrukh Khan Donated 1 Crores For Chennai Floods Victims

Shahrukh Khan busy in Dilwale Shooting. Dilwale directed by Rohit Shetty is scheduled to release on December 18 Being an Indian & being a true citizen of this Country we’ll r so proud of you SRK named as Bollywood’s most charitable person Greatest superstar of south India Rajni sir also donated 10lakhs For Chennai Victims Peoples. So Much being said against SRK these days Previously SRK donated price money of ipl to cancer patients in Mumbai & Kolkata

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Official Letter

Dear Madam Chief Minister,

We are all deeply affected by the devastation wreaked on the city of Chennai by the fury of nature. At the same time, the resilience of the people of Chennai and the way in which the cornmuniry has come together to help each other and face this adversity is commendable and makes us all feel proud.

On behalf of Red Chillies Entertainment and Team Dilwale, please accept our contribution of Rs. 1 Cr (Rupees One Crore) to the CHIEF MINISTER’s PUBLIC RELIEF FUND.
We appreciate the massive effort undertaken by your government and everyone in Chennai, to deal with this calamity and we hope our contribution will help in a small way. With warm personal regards, I remain,
Sincerely your Shah Rukh Khan
December 5, 2015.

Shah Rukh Khan donates 1 crore for chennai floods


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I am feeling sorry to trend #SRKDonates1crToChennai because SRK don’t like to show off but Bhakts need to know this!

News channel made his intolerance comment such a breaking news,why don’t show this donation as breaking news too??


– The Crazy Sim

#SRKDonates1crToChennai Stop this..Many other actors have given more than this…Nobody is bragging like this…!!
– Troll India

#SRKDonates1crToChennai Many know this or not Mr.SRK has won the UNESCO award as well for his charity work’s!!

#SRKDonates1crToChennai Most By Any Indian Film Star And He’ll Never Show-Off.  Only Criminals Need That ‘Being Human’ Tag For a ‘Good Image.’